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Get even more from your ICF Philadelphia membership by taking an active role in the Chapter!

ICF Philadelphia has lots of opportunities for you to contribute to the chapter, events, your fellow coaches and the community we serve. Even if you just have a couple of hours a month to contribute, it's easy to get started, have fun and create some additional value for yourself as a new member.

Here are some areas where you can have fun, engage on a new level with your fellow coaches, and create some real impact:

    • Membership: help ICF Philadelphia reach stay in touch with new and existing members
    • Marketing/Communications: use your creativity and writing skills to help expand the reach of ICF Philadelphia
    • Community Relations: expand the impact and reach of coaching in our area and help create coaching partnerships in our community
    • Governance: help the Board create a well-run and sustainable chapter structure that continues to serve our members for years
    • Education: help plan professional education offerings for our members and bring them to reality

Start by filling out this short form. We'll be back in touch to help you get engaged and kick-start your upgraded member experience!

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