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ICF Philadelphia (ICFP) – Statement on the Use of AI in ICFP-sponsored virtual events

December 2023

Dear ICF Philadelphia member

As AI and other technologies continue their rapid advancement and interact with our work as coaches, new scenarios warrant our awareness and attention. Consent and confidentiality are core elements of establishing our coaching relationships. They are also important to fostering a trusted safe environment for collaboration and learning within our Chapter. AI recording tools, which have come into popular use, bypass the consent process and may undermine our efforts to provide everyone with that safe environment.

ICF Philadelphia wants to clarify its expectations for attendees at virtual ICF Philadelphia events including community coffee groups, professional development events, and other social media events. In drafting these guidelines, the Chapter has taken the following considerations into account:

  • Consent and confidentiality for event attendees
  • Protection of speaker(s)’ proprietary materials
  • Inclusivity and accommodation for additional attendee learning needs
  • Inability to police use of private devices

Current Practices

The Education Committee has already established the following standard practices for its events:

  •  As part of the Speaker-Intake vetting process, the Education Committee Member and Speaker discuss whether the virtual session will be recorded taking into consideration the type of materials to be presented and the confidentiality of proposed coaching exercises.
  • For recorded sessions, consent is sought individually via the Chapter Account’s Zoom setting.
  • Breakout sessions are not recorded.
  • The Chapter prefers interaction during virtual events. However, if participants prefer not to be recorded, there are options to switch off personal cameras and mute microphones.
  • The closed captioning feature is available to each event participant if/as required.
  • Recorded events are kept for a maximum of 45 days and are sent to registered attendees only and then deleted.

New Practices and Expectations

To address the concerns around AI recording tools, the chapter is establishing the following new practices and expectations:

  • When an event is being recorded, this will be disclosed to participants and acceptance to be recorded is required.
  • AI Companion (available on Zoom Accounts) or similar AI packages will not be enabled.
  • Should a participant require additional assistance, we request that personal AI tools be used responsibly in line with revised event booking terms and conditions, respecting the confidentiality of both participants and speaker(s).
  • The meeting host reserves the right to remove any participant or technology that fails to comply with this statement.

Thank you for your understanding.

ICFP Board

International Coaching Federation

Philadelphia Chapter, 2020
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