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Riding the Wave of Change: Mastering the Cycle of Reinvention

  • 17 Sep 2024
  • 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM
  • In-Person
  • 29




In-person Professional Day

Riding the Wave of Change: Mastering the Cycle of Reinvention

An immersive and experiential workshop designed exclusively for coaches seeking to elevate their practice and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of leadership with confidence and finesse. Workshop Overview: In a world marked by rapid change and unforeseen challenges, the ability to reinvent oneself and adapt is not just a skill but a necessity. In this dynamic workshop, we explore into the essence of reinvention, drawing inspiration from both the corporate realm and the natural world. Through engaging discussions, reflective exercises, and hands-on activities, you will uncover invaluable insights and practical strategies for fostering resilience, agility, and creativity in your coaching practice and personal leadership journey.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand the Concept of Reinvention: Explore the proactive process of transformation in response to evolving circumstances, challenges, or opportunities, with real-world examples.

2. Recognize the Importance of Anticipation and Adaptation: Develop an awareness of the significance of anticipation and adaptation in mastering the cycle of reinvention, drawing parallels from nature's innate ability to anticipate seasonal changes and adapt accordingly.

3. Apply Lessons from Nature to Leadership: Equip yourself with the tools to apply timeless lessons gleaned from nature to life and leadership contexts. Discover how these insights can foster resilience, agility, and creativity in navigating change and uncertainty.

4. Cultivate a Mindset for Continuous Reinvention: Engage in reflective exercises and thought-provoking discussions to cultivate a mindset conducive to continuous reinvention. Embrace change, release attachments, and foster a willingness to innovate and grow, both in your coaching practice and supporting client’s leadership journeys.


Chris Cavalieri, PCC is known for her candor, humor and enthusiasm, Chris is a natural relationship builder, easy to connect with and trust. As a Leadership Coach, Chris partners with leaders seeking to increase performance, encourage teamwork and spark innovation. She’s coached leaders and their teams through high-stakes challenges, from role expansions to performance leaps, and she’s guided many companies on their journeys toward adopting and embracing changes in corporate culture.

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