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Attract Great Clients, with or without a Niche

  • 25 Sep 2024
  • 12:00 PM - 1:45 PM
  • Zoom



CCEU - CORE 0.5 | RD 1.0

Attract Great Clients, with or without a Niche

Most coaches have gotten advice that they must define a niche if they want to grow a successful coaching practice. But all too often, this narrow perspective keeps talented coaches stuck in analysis paralysis, worried that they’re doing it wrong. Ready for some good news? While a niche is a good way to focus your business, it is definitely not the ONLY way. Presenter Mary Cravets teaches from her own experience of earning multiple six figures for years before she chose a niche.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clear up misunderstandings about what a niche actually is, then discover alternative approaches that focus your efforts AND leave your options open for a variety of different clients.
  • Get out of niche analysis paralysis and instead explore an action-oriented “earn-while-you-learn” approach to growing your business.
  • Learn the client attraction system that has a proven track record of helping both new and experienced coaches attract more high-quality clients and increase their income by 50% or more.

Mary Cravets is an award-winning Client Generation Expert and International Speaker who helps people grow their businesses without working nights and weekends. She’s heard ALL the confusing and conflicting advice out there - so she isn’t surprised that most business owners struggle to establish a sustainable business. But she’s here to change that. Using her methods, the majority of Mary’s clients quickly increase their income 50% or more. Clients range from the former CFO of Microsoft North America, to coaches in their first few years of business, to thought-leaders in a variety of service professions. Mary is also a huge fan of roller coasters, obsessed with otters and proud Mom to her cat Inneego Montoya.

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