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  • Coaching and Cultural/Social Identity: Holding space for the client’s story

Coaching and Cultural/Social Identity: Holding space for the client’s story

  • 24 Jun 2024
  • 6:00 PM - 7:45 PM
  • Zoom


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Core 1.5 | RD .25

Coaching and Cultural/Social Identity:

Holding space for the client’s story

In the realm of coaching, the ability to engage with and understand

the intricacies of a client's story is pivotal to fostering meaningful

transformation. "Coaching and Cultural/Social Identity: Holding

Space for the Client's Story" is a dynamic program designed to

empower coaches with the skills to navigate the delicate balance

between recognizing the value of a client's narrative and steering

clear of attempting to provide ready-made solutions, or get lost in

the story.

This course goes beyond the conventional approach of merely

acknowledging a client's story for context; it delves into the profound

impact of cultural and social identity on the storytelling process.

What you'll walk away with:

Coaches will learn to appreciate the client's narrative as a rich

source of information, shedding light on their values, worldview, and

unique perspective.

Coaches will have the knowledge and practical tools to navigate the delicate balance between respecting a client's narrative and facilitating meaningful exploration. This program is not just about hearing stories; it's about empowering coaches to leverage the power of these stories to create profound and lasting change in their clients' lives.

Understanding the Layers Behind the Story:

  • Explore the depth and significance of cultural and social influences on a client's narrative to support being with the client.
  • Recognize the interconnectedness of personal stories with broader identity or behavior constructs.

Holding Space with Intention:

  • Develop the art of holding space for a client's story without imposing preconceived solutions or getting lost in the weeds.
  • Foster an environment that encourages openness, trust, and vulnerability.

Knowing When and How to Disrupt:

  • Learn to identify moments where intervention is necessary without dismissing the client's narrative.
  • Explore techniques for gently disrupting unproductive patterns and beliefs, while staying present.

Asking Relationship and Correlation Questions:

  • Master the skill of asking questions that uncover the deeper meanings within a client's story.
  • Understand how to listen for, and inquire about, relationships and correlations of the story with values, beliefs, and expectations to help the client find meaning and derive actionable insights.

Leveraging the Client's Story for Meaning and Action:

  • Equip coaches with strategies to guide clients in extracting meaning and actionable steps from their narratives.
  • Demonstrate the transformative potential of incorporating a client's story into goal setting, growth, and personal development.

Coach Dawn empowers leaders and coaching professionals to thrive through co-creative professional development. She is known to be an impactful business partner to organizations and accountability partner to her private clients. Coach Dawn is the founder of Reid Ready® Life Coaching, LLC, a Level 1 accredited coach training institution. As a principal coach and facilitator, she delivers approved evidenced-based training, coaching, mentoring, coaching supervision, competency and capability assessments, and consulting services. Coach Dawn is a certified agile facilitator/trainer and coach, as well as credentialed by the International Coaching Federation. She previously served as the Vice President and board member of the ICF Philadelphia Chapter.

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