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How to Become a Volunteer

Get even more from your ICF Philadelphia membership by taking an active role in the Chapter!

  • Use skills you love, or build new ones
  • build your network 
  • meet and learn from other coaches
  • or just fill that space in you that wants to give back !

ICF Philadelphia has lots of opportunities for you to contribute to the chapter, events, your fellow coaches and the community we serve.  Even if you just have a couple of hours a month to contribute, it's easy to get started, have fun and create some additional value for yourself as a new member.  Explore the opportunities!

Our Volunteers are passionate and dedicated to the Profession of Coaching. They are just like you: people with vision, heart, and a desire to build community and contribute their time in service of ICF Philadelphia Chapter.

Here are some areas where you can have fun, engage on a new level with your fellow coaches,  and create some real impact:

  • Membership: help ICF Philadelphia create a best-in-class membership experience
  • Marketing/communications:  use your creativity and writing skills to help spread the good word about coaching and ICF Philadelphia
  • Outreach:  expand the impact and reach of coaching in our area, and help create coaching partnerships in our community.  Or donate your coaching expertise to helping lead and participate in pro-bono coaching events
  • Governance:  help the Board create a well-run and sustainable chapter structure that continues to serve our members for years
  • Education: help plan professional education offerings for our members and bring them to reality
  • Events: take leadership for a single or multiple chapter events, such as education or social events

    Start by filling out this short form.   We'll be back in touch to help you get engaged and kick-start your upgraded member experience!

    Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

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