Monthly Teleclasses with Lynn Meinke in 2016

Lynn Meinke, PCC, founder and CEO of  Coaching Services International, will organize this monthly series; some months she will facilitate the call, others will be led by a guest speaker.  Calls will be held the first Monday of the month (with the EXCEPTIONS of: no class in July or August; second Monday in September and October) from 7 to 8:15 p.m. 

About our Speaker and Organizer:

Lynn Meinke, Speaker and OrganizerAs a connoisseur of great coaching, Lynn Meinke, PCC, is dedicated to enhancing each person’s coaching abilities by sharing her knowledge of coaching while also relating each topic to the relevant ICF Core Competencies. As a coaching educator with over 16 years experience teaching all levels of coaching education, she lives and breathes coaching.  

Lynn is a senior faculty member at the Institute of Life Coach Training and on the faculty of the University of Texas at Dallas Executive Coaching Program. She teaches foundational and advanced levels of coaching, group coaching methodologies and dynamics, and provides mentoring, supervision and assessing.

She is the founder of Coaching Services International and the Centre for Coaching Education (, which provides advanced topics for coaches desiring to deepen their coaching or expand their coaching repertoire.

Her highly acclaimed 2015 Coaching Series focused on the ICF Core Competencies. That series, hosted by the ICF Philadelphia Chapter averaged 80 attendees per month.  

Here are some important logistical details:

  • If attending live teleclass session:
    Coaches may earn 1.25 Core Competency CCEUs for each class heard live.
    The facilitator will give an opening and closing word or phrase. If you purchased the teleclass through the ICF Philadelphia website: email your CCEU request to: with the date of the session along with the opening and closing words; following verification, you will be sent a CCEU certificate.  If you purchased the teleclass through another chapter, please contact that chapter to receive your CCEU.
    If listening to the recorded teleclass session:
    Those listening to the recorded calls are eligible to receive 1.25 Resource Development CCEUs.
    When applying for or renewing your ICF credential through International Coach Federation (ICF), 16 Resource Development credits are allowed by ICF. You will be required to submit your proof of purchase. Your teleclass purchase receipt can be used for that purpose.

  • Individual live classes may be purchased for $25 for ICF Philadelphia members, and $30 for non-ICF Philadelphia Chapter members. Those who register for the live class will automatically receive the recording links and handouts after the class. Those who don't register for the live class may later purchase recordings for individual classes for $10 (ICF Philadelphia members); $15 (ICF Global members); or $25 (non ICF Philadelphia/non ICF Global members).
  • Once a teleclass is purchased, there are no refunds.

Calendar of classes:


December 5, 2016, 7 to 8:15 p.m., Teleclass #7

November 7, 2016, 7 to 8:15 p.m., Teleclass #6: Process Coaching: Finding Understanding and Meaning
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You may have heard the term before, but do you know what it is and how it may differ from more outcome oriented coaching? Do you ever have clients who want to explore an idea, concept or situation to get deeper understanding? They don’t necessarily have a goal or outcome in mind, they just want to get clarity or see what emerges. Many coaches find these more abstract topics difficult because they are used to clients wanting concrete, discernable or measureable outcomes.

Teleclass #5: Using a Coach Approach with the Dying and the Grieving, with Dr. Don Eisenhauer, PCC
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This teleclass will focus on how to use a coach-approach in being with people who are dying and people who are grieving. Topics to be covered include The End of Life Coaching Model, dispelling myths of our Culture's view of end of life, identifying our personal views on dying, death and grief, and how to walk the journey with those who are dying, or have a loved one who is dying, or who are grieving.

Teleclass #4:  When History Gets in the Way: Managing Difficult Situations in Coaching

What happens when you are caught “off guard” by something a client says or you sense that the coaching dialogue has taken a turn for the worst? Episodes like these may indicate that the client’s history is getting in the way. Or, what happens, when your history emerges, clouds your thinking and may even contaminate the coaching? This presentation will go beyond “skin deep” to understand what is happening in these moments and provide tools and techniques to manage both types of situations. Actual cases will be examined so that you can more readily identify these situations when they emerge and manage them in a way that the coach-client relationship may be maintained and strengthened. Come and engage in this spirited presentation and discover skills you never knew you had!

Teleclass #3:  The Ongoing Changes of Life: Transitions and Renewals

The one thing that is guaranteed in life is that there is constant change! Some people search for constancy or no change and then are disappointed when they don’t find it. Barbara Frederickson, an early and current researcher in positive psychology, stated that if you aren’t flourishing then you are languishing. So, you get to choose how you will address the constant change that happens over the life span. In this informative presentation we will explore the work of Frederick Hudson as he outlines how to successfully address the constant changes in life so that we continue to flourish. His user-friendly model is a boon to coaches, no matter what their niche area, as they work with individuals addressing the many life situations and challenges that humans encounter. Join us as we learn about this model for change, its various cycles and phases, and how knowing about them can facilitate and enhance the coaching process.

Teleclass #2:  The Hallmark of Adulthood: Consciousness Development

When does development end? Not so many years ago psychological theories of human development indicated that development ended around ages 18-20. Now we know that psychological development continues throughout the life span. One particular aspect of psychological development wasn’t even postulated until the 1980s. This was the development of consciousness. Here are a few questions to think about: Have you ever wondered why some of your clients tend to be more mature than others of the same age? What might you expect to hear from the client? What are the developmental challenges your client may be facing? How might your coaching need to change to truly support and be of service to your client? Join this informative journey as we learn what to notice and expect from clients at various stages of development and what themes will likely emerge. 

Teleclass #1:  When and How to Refer a Coaching Client to a Mental Health Professional 

As a coach, have you ever worked with a client that you thought might benefit from the services of a mental health professional?  What behaviors or signs gave you that idea? How sure were you about your observations? How comfortable were you when you realized you needed to address what you were noticing with the client? Join this enlivening presentation that will highlight behaviors and signs to pay attention to and how to work with a client to come to the realization that professional mental health care would be a benefit.